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Before the current tenant moved in, we had the bathtub re-glazed professionally.  This was about 2.5 years ago.  Now there are several chips in the bottom of the tub where the finish is peeling.  

Anyway, we told the tenant to use non-abrasive cleaners when she cleaned the tub.  We even gave her a list.  We made her well aware of the finish.  The damage looks like it was from dropping things in the tub.

Is this considered normal wear and tear?  Or could we hold part of the security deposit for this?  The estimate to re-glaze the tub (now they will have to peel the current finish off) is about $500.

Aside, I know the quality and durability of the finish depends on the quality of the materials and job done.  I would have expected this to last at least 5 years.  It was only one person using the tub!

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I don't have any experience with reglazing a tub.  If your tenant was just dropping shampoo bottles then I would think that is normal damage.  The finish may not have been strong enough. 

Unless they were dropping inappropriate things like a wrench or something jagged that wouldn't normally be in a tub, then I think this would be your responsibility.

I would look at the cost to install a new tub.  It probably won't cost you more than $1,000 - $1,500 for a new, stronger tub.  That seems better than $500 after every lease.

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I agree with Accidental.  Install a new tub.  The tub itself is only a few hundred dollars.
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