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My tenant recently burned the deck on the house. Making a big hole and blackening the surrounding wood. Looks like about 6-10 boards would need to be replaced. Obviously these new boards would stand out. She is in the process of getting quotes for power washing and staining. The deck is several years old and is in need of power wash and stain, I admit. However, I was not planning to do this until the next tenant. At a minimum, I think she would pay to replace the boards. 

My question is, should it be my responsibility to pay for the entire power wash and stain? Would it be reasonable for me to request we split the cost? She has another year left on her lease. 

I should add. Contractually, she should replace the boards and that's it. However, I am looking to what is the reasonable/right thing to do in terms of power washing and staining to make everything look uniform. I feel my hand is being forced a bit because of the damage she created. 

Thank you in advance.

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she pays for new boards and materials, as well as disposal.  split power wash and stain
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