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 Should I use for landlord references?
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Anyone use for landlord references? Looks like the website is collecting landlord references about tenants, and are letting landlords search to see if there are landlord references submitted about their potential tenants. Have anyone use it before and I want to know what your thoughts are about it. Should I use it?

I think I would use it, but want to see what you think about it, because I'm a new landlord and I've never heard of this website before, so I figure I check with other landlords before I start using it.

There are two things that are interesting for me, so I want to know if you would recommend that I start using it or stay away from it.

1. When I request landlord reference from the previous landlord on the website, the previous landlord gets an email invite to submit a reference about the tenant in question. But the valuable part to me is that the website verifies that the previous landlord is actual landlord of that property by asking them to submit proof documents before they can submit landlord reference about my applicant. I don't have to play a detective anymore.

2. I can submit a reference about my current tenant and there is an option for website to email a copy of the report to the tenant that I wrote the reference about. The benefit that I see here is: If they are a good tenant, this will encourage them to keep being a good tenant, but if they are a bad tenant, this would encourage them to fix the situation because if they don't, their reference will be available for future landlords to see when they try to find another place to live.

In my opinion, this looks like a great website for all types of landlords, but my one biggest concern is: Would tenants be able to sue me if I put bad reviews about them on this website? What are your thoughts?

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