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I'm the Master Tenant/de-facto landlord in a flat in San Francisco. One of my tenants/roommates is a freaking nightmare - she's stolen things out of my bedroom and has been harassing me via the Rent Board with bogus claims. Now she's refusing to pay her share of the bills. Since bills aren't part of rent, I don't think I can issue her a 3 day notice, but I'm not sure. Ultimately, I'm hoping to evict this piece of garbage using "nuisance" as the just cause. Can her refusal to pay her share of the bills be considered a nuisance? Is it enough of a nuisance to warrant eviction? Does anyone know San Francisco rental laws well enough to be able to recommend the best and fastest way to get rid of this loser?

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I am not familiar with SF laws, but a call to an eviction attorney will ferret that out rather quickly.

Generally, you should be able to tell her to leave.  If she doesn't leave, evict.


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