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My brother and I rented our dads house after he passed away. This is our first experience being LLs. The tenant looked good on paper. We were wrong. Lesson learned. Got it.

After 2 years of having a deadbeat slob tenant who was mostly behind on her rent we finally cut our loses and didn't renew, knowing full well she would screw us, as she was behind in rent. And she did.
She owes us $4300 in back rent, the $1600 SD will barely cover damages.

She plays games with accounts and empties them as soon as she gets paid. She switches jobs and bank accounts constantly.

If we take her to Small Claims court and win a judgement, what can we expect trying to recover the $4300? I know a Marshall can attach her wages, bank or personal property but she seems good at this game, so can we win in the end and get what we're legally owed? Can we actually get the money from someone who is good apparently at avoiding paying her debts?

Has anyone been down this road in CT?


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It sounds like you will never see a penny. If she was acting like that before she was gone, it will probably be 10x harder now. 

If you do anything, expect to get nothing and do it just to make her life one level harder and maybe warn the next people. But don't put any real effort, energy, or time into chasing a ghost. It sounds like you would be better off buying lottery tickets.

Just look back and learn what you can. Look at her application. What was her income, credit, etc.? What all did you actually verify? When did you first see signs that she wasn't right? When should you have cut your losses? Learn those lessons and apply them moving forward. It may just be the $4,300 class to becoming a much better landlord and having amazing tenants in the future. 

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you can try reporting them to future landlords at and send her a copy of the report. Maybe that will make a difference.

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I looked and this is a Landlords list.

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Send account to collections.

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I just had a 6 year tenant leave because I wanted the place for family which they didn't like.  The rents here are now double what they started paying 6 years ago and I never raised the rent so of course they weren't thrilled.  So to get back at me they didn't pay the last month which used up their security and then they didn't fill their oil tank per their lease. They left finally in the middle of the night when I was at work.  Saw it all on my security cameras.  Just amazing how people you treated very well will turn on you.  My attorney said yeah you will probably win in small claims court, but for 400 to 500 bucks, it will cost 95 to file, take a day off from work, and then they won't pay you anyway.  Unless you can garnish their paycheck or bank account, which in this case the person sounds like an extra sleazy scumbag, you probably won't see anything.  If they are out just move on.  Life is too short.  Don't let it bother you.  I have a few issues with these people and was getting tired of them anyway, and now I'm just relieved they are finally gone.  Report her on all of the bad tenant boards and good luck with whatever you do.

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JohnD, I feel your pain and frustration. I've been down this lane before. But there is something that you can do that could be worth the effort unlike taking them to court and not getting any money back.

You can report your deadbeat tenants on a rental history database at for free. So the next landlord will google their name, and their name will show up on google linking them to your landlord reference about them. You can also send a link to your review to your past tenant so they know what their future landlords could see.

These tenants will want that fixed by calling you up and doing anything for you to fix your review about them and taking it off google. 

This will only take you a few minutes, will help the future landlords, and maybe have your past tenants actually pay you to take off your review. It's worth the try because it doesn't cost anything. 

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