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I own a duplex style rental that I live in the top and the tenants live in bottom.  I made my first mistake by renting the downstairs to my immediate boss and his girlfriend.  He is the only one on the lease, while she is the problem.

The unit is brand new, completely rebuilt, all appliances, plumbing, electricity new, yet she insisted on staying in a motel because she said the grout on the new tile was shiny and not cleaned properly.

She has been the bane of my existence ever since.  Every 10 days or so, I get a nasty email, demanding crazy stuff that she wants done--cosmetic stuff, she wants to paint a accent wall, the tile is too hard on her hips, she wants carpet, on and on.

Tonight, she said my cat roams the neighborhood and will climb up on her car and she will charge me if the cat scratches her car.  There are at least 4 cats in the immediate vicinity that roam the neighborhood and her car is in a carport.

I suggested non toxic cat repellent, but I told her I cannot control the outdoors and I will not be giving up my pet.

Is there anything I can say or do to shut her down?  Only 6 months to go on his lease, but I am at my wit's end.  She takes pictures of everything too, which worries me.

Jeanine Ballenger

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First of all, let me say that I’m sorry about your situation. 

So, if I were you, I would talk to her. Explain, that there is a minimum,  you, as landlord, are required to ensure that the rental property is livable. This i typically includes basic items such as running water, heat and working appliances, windows and doors.  

If this doesn’t help, refer to lease agreement, which establishes the landlord's responsibilities the procedures for requesting repairs. Tell her that by signing the lease, the tenants agreed to these terms.

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