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Hoping to see what you guys would advise in this situation:

We have a nice investment property in a nice neighborhood...3 bedrms/2 baths/swimming pool...

Our current tenants are an early 20s female entitled female, recent college grad & her executive beau in his early 30s...

They pay on time, but are constantly complaining & demanding so much, especially compared to our former tenants (another young couple who loved the house & only asked for necessary repairs)...

So, they've asked for the following"
1) weekly pool maintenance (we agreed)
2) regular landscaping maintenance (we agreed)

Over the past year, we've replaced the heater & given them a new A/C unit (it's an old house, so we knew this was coming)...

Each week (no exaggeration), there is a complaint about something: the lights, the pool guy, the landscaping guy, the drain, the paint, the smells, etc....

I swear, we have tried to fix/address all of their complaints...For the last month, the female tenant has complained about the "sewage smell" in her bathroom....We sent 3 different plumbers over & not one could smell a single thing! One plumber suggested caulking the toilet (we agreed, for $125)

My husband (co-landlord) & I went over there as well--w/a plumber--no smells! Since we couldn't smell anything, she raised hell w/us. Finally, out of frustration, my husband said, "Do you want out of your lease...just say so..." --and the tenants raised hell, saying how offended they were, how they pay their rent on time, blah, blah, blah....

Well, to make sure there was no sewage gas, we paid $525 for a "smoke test" & of course, no sewage leaks were found....(The male tenant said he would pay 50% of this test)...The plumber informed us that the only thing that may be causing the "smell" (that no one else smells, except the tenant) are the wax rings in the toilet.  Although they are "completely intact"--he said replacing them could be the only thing that might alleviate the smell the tenants are smelling...So, that would be another $100 bucks, maybe more...

When I asked the tenant for 50% of the smoke test cost, he said, "I'll cut that check the minute the work is complete and the leak is fixed."

Sorry to go on & on, but are these tenants insane & entitled? Or are we just clueless, relatively new landlords?

I would appreciate any guidance on how to deal w/demanding tenants & how to better negotiate their constant complaints & demands...Thank you!


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send them a 5 day right to cure
if they don't pat it, file an eviction

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Yes they are difficult to be sure.  Sorry no one answered this!

With demanding tenants you have to be clear with them what you will and won't do.


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I think everything should be stated in the lease in what you can and will not do.

As landlords i think we are reponsible for the exterior of the buildings . Making sure there is heat and hot water.

The tenant uses the premise whose to say they abuse the place that causes some of the damage but at the sametime if the tenant complains allot they might see it as a way for them not to pay rent.

If i were you tell them to move out if they are not happy with the place. Cut a deal and say you give them there security deposit back once they move out.

Sometimes as landlords you have to put your foot down.
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