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Hi....these were hostile difficult story is elsewhere on this site.

They threatened me terribly and wrongfully me about the deposit...threatening they'd take me to court, etc.

Okay, they leave Dec 31st I send back remainder deposit to the address they gave me on Jan. 11th.

The letter is local so they should have gotten it in two days.

Thinking I was all done with this I get the letter returned to me in the mail TODAY, the 21st of January, as "undeliverable" with the yellow stickers from the post office.

It's not opened.

Thinking it's just an error I check to make sure the address is right.  Check it's correct.

Still thinking it's an error I text them and the lawyer that I received the letter back and the address was not correct.  I ask them "how to get your security deposit back". I tell the lawyer "I need a correct address".

What is very weird is they are all ignoring me! The lawyer has been ignoring me for awhile now and they are all ignoring me.  None of them have gotten back to me in hours and it's a Saturday.

Are they playing me?  Are they setting me up for failure?

Of course I am going to keep the returned letter with the post stamped and unopened.

Very very weird. Never had this happen before.


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As you said, keep the envelope and documentation of them providing that address. If it is questioned, you can show you tried to return their deposit on time to the address they provided. Print out all communication (and lack thereof) for further proof of you trying to give them money.

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I would go one step further, since they already have an attorney.  I'd write him to say that you have mailed a deposit return to them at the address that they gave, but the post office had marked it undeliverable and returned it.  You should say that you again verified the address.  Request information on how to deliver the deposit to them.  Make sure you keep a copy.  It shows that you just went the extra step to try to return the deposit.  If it ever goes to court, you can show the judge that you tried to do everything in your power to get it to them.
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