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hi I'm a home owner in las Vegas Nevada my bf and i rent the rooms out to 3 indiv, all with separate leases. a friend was staying there for about 2-3 months, he signed a month to month but has never paid rent, nor contributed to the utilities (split and paid for by tenants). Well he went to jail a while back and was sentenced to 3-4 months. the tenants were friends of his and with my permission agreed to store his things and give him a chance to get out and get on his feet with a clean start. however he has only been out three days and it has been mayhem. he has broken all house rules and has had traffic in and out at all times. has bullied a 8 month prego woman who lives there by waiting until her bf is at work and forcing his way in to their ,room demanding "things" back that he alleges they took during his incarceration. he had written letters to the house hold with promises of a check that was waiting for him the second he got out, that would cover all past debts, from an insurance settlement. I have been hearing of this ghost check for 6months now. no such check was produced. last straw was this morning when it was discovered that after a confrontation with the roommates about the amount of people he had in n out of the house at 2am he took it upon himself to CUT ALL THE CARPET OUT of his room, place it on the curb by the trash for the garbage man to take! so it was a huge fight between the renter in the master and this evil little man, all verbal and the guy in the master called police. short story even longer when the master renter pull up this am there was already a cop outside the house talking with someone (before any confrontation about carpet) cop asked him if he has seen 3 black males fitting x descript. one of the scripts was the problem renter. master told cop he hadent seen him but asked cop, i want the guy gone hes been outta jail 3 days and wont leave do i have to give him 30 days? cop said no that he hadn't established residency. well after going inside and having to call the cops the cops who responded said there was NOTHING they could do. IS THIS TRUE? the man takes a box cutter to my floors and completely destroys the room making it uninhabitable and i have to do a 5 day? this is absurd i just have to sit back while he destroys my house in the meantime???? help pls
     oh BTW the cop that was initially in front of the house was there BC the guy had stolen keys outta a parked truck and the owner saw him take off on foot and did his best to follow him. he didn't get arrested BC he denied it and the victim couldn't come to identify him!!!! please help any suggestions would be great

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I'm out in OR and have somewhat the same problem. We  let a woman who's house was being foreclosed stay in our little rental apt until she was" back on her feet". It has been nearly a year (no rent!) so we asked her to move along and she refused. Since she never paid rent she says she cannot be evicted for not paying least she hasn't cut up the carpet-so far. Anyhow, just wanted to wish you luck. I will be watching here. Maybe someone has a suggestion.

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i hope so!!! i couldnt imagine a year of this, i served him a five day early this am and he literally looked at me and said it was fake. ummmm. ok then. so he refused to sign (wich does not matter at all) and told me it was missing a "seal" on the paper. alrighty then. i assure you its real and this evict is really going to happen!! im sure that after i left he was hot! he has me and the household on ice waiting to see what he pulls


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I am thinking you both need to consult an attorney who specializes in eviction.Do you know the probation officer? I would either call him/her or even go see them to report all this activity.and if the women you so nicely allowed live for free will not leave,have an attorney send her a notice to vacate,once an attorney is involved they will know your not playing a game.


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no probation ...did his time and is scott-free. tues. is nearing, we will see what happens


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Two stories, but similar actions are needed.  Serve the ex-inmate with a pay or quit notice.  It can be found on your city's municipal court site or from the clerk of court.  Ask the clerk what the approved method of service is (handing it to tenant, posting it on door, mailing it, ...)  If he doesn't pay up all monies owed by the tie the notice expired (keep in ind that ost states say those days don't count the day it is delivered, weekends, or holidays), then you go and file for eviction.  Once the court orders an eviction, they notiufy the tenant, usually giving them approx. 72 hrs to leave.  If they still don't leave, you ask the clerk to schedule a set out with the court official.  That person arrives and either removes or supervises the removal of all their belongings.  You immediately change locks so the person may not return.

With a tenant/occupant who has never paid rent and has no agreement, serve written notice that you want the occupant to leave.  Make sure you give the required amount of notice (usually 30 days, but check your state law).  If the person does not leave within this time, you file to evict the person and follow the eviction hearing and set out steps.

Both of you need to be sure to keep copies of all notices you serve to the tenant (in a safe place - away from the house).  If you post notice on a door, take a dated digital photo of it hanging there to prove service.  Best iof kluck. 
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