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I was Greg Jortner's previous landlord. I have evicted him in Dec 2015 for a property of mine that he stopped paying rent. I had to sue him and get a court judgement to get paid. 

And even after he signed a court stipulated agreement for incremental payment, he failed to meet the agreed upon dates. I had to file a non-compliance with the Bridgeport, CT Superior Court to make him pay as per the agreement. 

After giving him 3 months to vacate said premises, he failed to move out on the date the courts ordered him to leave (called the final stay of execution).  It was only when he realized that the state marshal was coming to remove his belongings and take them to town/city storage that he moved. 

Now he owes me money for damages to the property in excess of $10,000 including lawyer's fees and court fees.

I had to block him from texting me because he keeps texting insults and threats of a slander lawsuit after he realized I was posting my experience online.

What he does not realize (although I keep telling him ) that an eviction judgement and execution is a public document. A slander lawsuit only applies if it is NOT true.  I have all the documents to prove what I am saying is true.



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tenants can be pricks,,,
garnish him

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Agreed with Dishrodger... garnish him and move on to the next tenant. Once you get the judgment and the tenant is gone, there's no need to talk to them anymore. You block them like you did and move on.

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You may have other remedies besides garnishment too.  In some states you can seize his tax refund, attach his bank account, or force him to forfeit personal property.  You need to talk to other landlords in your area and see if any of these options are available to you.

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I used to have trouble with, I dunno, let's call it every sixth or seventh person I rented to.  That went on for a couple years before I figured something had to change--I know, I took too long.  That's too many problem tenants.  One of them even set fire to a mattress, apparently on purpose.  

Eventually I figured that I needed a better tenant screening service.  I started biting the bullet and paying the little extra for the blue package here, and I haven't had any serious issues in about two years.

Sure, I still have a guy or two who will be a little late from time to time, but the serious problem tenants have dried up.
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