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Hi everyone, I just closed on a 2 flat in Chicago. When I initially viewed the place, the agent informed me that the current tenants had a severely disabled child. We did not go into the room where the child was, but we could hear her making rather loud noises from outside the room. I did not see an adult in the apartment and the agent didn't seem phased. However, we did access the room at the final walk through and I was shocked to see this child was completely alone in the apartment, laying on a bed with no rails. She is 15 yrs old, with the mental capacity of an infant. The father travels and the mother works a few blocks away. Im assuming the mother leaves her while she's working. I'm afraid that if I report them, they will know it's me. On the other hand, what if there was a fire or the mother gets in a car accident while out and is unable to return home? I'm also concerned that I may be liable in some way. Would be great to hear what others would do in this situation. Thanks!

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I would definitely get the authorities involved immediately. Let them sort it out. Let them know you saw on two very separate occasions that the child was left completely alone. 
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