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Our townhouse has been a revolving door of tenants and very tenant seems to leave their mark.  The carpet has a small burn hole and is stained,  the walls are full of "patched" holes from fists and slammed doors, the woodwork up the stairway has chew marks from the last tenants dog (who's also frayed edges of the carpet).  There's tiny cracks where 4 corners meet in the new tile in the kitchen.  I'm just so discouraged and I'm curious how much repair do you do each time so the next one can come in and do the same thing?  Have you lowered your standards? 

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Because of the "revolving door" tenants we've stopped offering monthly leases. 6 months minimum, 1 year maximum.

We are more selective with tenants and expect less in rents. I'd rather get less per month, have less headaches and have fewer vacancies.

Also, we've gotten much stricter with security deposits. We wait the allowed 30 days and charge for every bit of damage.

Good Luck with the next one.

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