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It turns out that "no access" is illegal in NJ. It is criminal charge if Tenant doesn't allow Landlord to get in for the inspection. I found out when I filed "no access" complaint to the court. So, I have a court day. 

Have you guys had such experience? Any thing I need to prepare for it?


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Yipeeee, i hope you teach her a lesson and get her out (keep us informed). 

You definitely learned a valuable lesson not doing a thorough screening and background.  I luckily, so far, have not had any problems.  And i can only imagine the stress you must feel, just remember you didn't do anything wrong, she did.

Is she getting served and going to court too, with you?

I'd do some research on the law that she violated and become familiar with it.  I would also perhaps post your question regarding this law and its possible rulings/out comes on a http://www.AVVO.COM/Free to see what one of the attorneys says (i ask questions periodically on this site for various reasons and it has been a good reference), there are other sites.

I would also make a list of your concerns, things to perhaps bring up to the Judge (like because of not being allowed to access the unit and from what you have learned about her past (after the fact) you're concerned about more damage to the unit.

I hope you have a large security deposit from her!!!!

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Just to update you on the status.
It turns out this tenant didn't show up in the court. Judge said they would issue an warrant for her arrest. 
I am not clear what next step would be to my filing. 

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I actually have been wondering about your situation and was going to contact you for an update.  This woman sounds like a real nut job.  Not to throw fuel on the fire but, i'd be a bit concerned about the condition of your unit (it MIGHT be a bit messy if she is vindictive).

Were you in court to hear the judge issue a warrant?  I guess you are going to need to ask your attorney what your next step is.  Depending on the terms of your lease, your legal fees might have to be paid by the tenant, not sure though.

Has she still been paying rent?

when is her lease up (even though it sounds like you will be able to easily evict her)?

Are you able to do a couple of drive-bys of your rental just to see what is going on?

Thanks for keep my/us posted of the update.  This is a learning experience for me/us too.
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