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In California:

Trying to figure out if repairs or services to a tenant's unit need to be supervised under the law by the owner or property manager. 

Also curious if landlord is responsible for any damage or 'dirt' caused due to said repair or service (ex. if plumber came in and tracked dirt everywhere).

I tried checking some of the legal documents and couldn't find anything on this yet. Please link to references if you have any.


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It is a good idea to use reputable contractors and if the tenant cannot be there during the repair, it is good practice for the landlord or his representative to be present in case there are questions or issues.  There is not a legal requirement that you do so, but you limit your liability for claims of theft or damage to tenant's personal property by supervising. 

If the contractor does not leave things in a clean state, you can complain to the company and ask them to make it right or let them know that you intend to discontinue use of them in future.  Most companies want the repeat business they can get from doing a good job for a landlord and are willing to make things right.
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