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An applicant (public defender) is unwilling to provide SSN.

The article below (written by Experian employee who may be promoting their product) says it is not necessary

On the other hand, the other article says yes (for identity matching)

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Our credit and background check requires it. We couldn't possibly process the credit and background check (and therefore couldn't approve them) without a SSN (or TIN for those who have it). 

My only concern is if you aren't legally allowed to require it I'd hate to turn him down over it and this becomes a big mess for you. It may vary from state to state. 

Maybe try getting some state-specific official laws, not popular articles.

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It's not necessary for ID matching.  There are screening services that do it without the LL seeing the SSN.  It is necessary if you want to collect against a judgment.
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My screening service requires it.

I require it to keep on record in the event I have to garnish wages.  In that case I need their SSN, birth date, Drivers license and their employer.  I usually get all four in the application process.

This data is also good if they skip town and move out of state.  I can track them down and have ways of finding their new employer.

I won't consider a tenant without it.

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