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Hi y'all,

I'm a new landlord in Austin, TX.  I am prepping for the holidays and was wondering if y'all give presents or gift cards to your tenants for holidays (and other events), what do you give?  Do they even care? Is there a you use to manage the gift giving or if you do it by hand?

Thank you for your help.

Teresa Ann Johnson 

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I think they appreciate something, even if it is relatively small. If you have a whole apartment complex, I think that's different than three rental homes. I would do something, whether it's a small gift basket, a gift card to the movies for a family, or whatever seems appropriate to you.

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Absolutely not.  Send them a thank you or greeting card.  Tenants are not friends or family.  Treating them as such leads them to think of themselves as such (wanting favors, improvements, ignoring lease clauses and violations, paying late, etc.)  Keep things professional by not giving gifts.  Always allow tenants to see you as the professional landlord, not their friend.  Your banker or insurance rep sends you a card, nothing more.  You should do the same.  Just warmest wishes for happy holidays.
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