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I am rental out a unit in a city that require rental inspection program, I am just curious if I choose to ignore to participate in the rental inspection program, if someting happen to my house (for example, fire) Will the insurance company deny my claim because of that? I have rental property insurance. Thank you.

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Either way I don't think it's good to just ignore the law, it will catch up with you sooner or later, probably with the first tenant that has any issue with anything.

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If it is anything like the inspection program in one city I own property in, if you ignore the inspection notification, you will loose your rental license.  The city will post the property as uninhabitable.  If you continue to rent the property out, the police will file charges against you, and you can end up in jail.

Rental insurance has nothing to do with the inspection program.  

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Rental inspection program is essential to be on the safer side.  
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