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Okay we purchased our rental property in 2004.  It was an old house in not so great condition.  We put in new floors (like the subfloor), placed linoleum, carpet, painted, added gutters, revamped cabinets and added a new stove and refrigerator.  It is only 2 br/1b.  It is also located right next door to our current home.  So we put out the for rent sign and had tons of calls the first day.  We rented it to young men that were renting a trailer nearby.  Well we have a strict no pet policy and first thing we notice a dog in the fenced in back yard.  We confronted them about it, they denied it (I guess the dog jumped the fence lol).  So then one of the guys moved out, it happened to be the main guy on the lease.  So we FINALLY track down the other guy get him to do a whole new lease and new deposit (the other guy left with no notice).  Well the guy tells me that he his brother is going to move in with him to help with expenses.  I say that is fine, just make sure he is on the lease.  The next thing I know the brother (which is how I refer to him as "the brother") has moved in his girlfriend and her 4 kids.  So there is 7 people living in this tiny house.  But they appeared to keep it clean and paid the rent, so we just let them be.  Soooo they called us to tell us that the floor in the kitchen was sagging.  So we sent our contractor over and he said that the floor was about to fall through because there was a leak under the sink that had been leaking for a long time.  So we replaced the floor and fixed the leak and informed them that if they did not notify us in a timely manner for a repair then, their lease would be terminated (at this time it was on a month to month basis).  So a few months later they gave us notice that they were moving.  They had been there for 4 years.  We did the walk through and were shocked at the condition of our house!  The carpet was filthy (not normal wear filthy - more like we have to take it out and burn it filthy).  They had removed the back door and nailed up plywood to cover.  They stuck stickers all over the cabinets, one of the heating elements on the gross stove was missing, a cabinet door and drawer was missing.  There was a huge hole in the linoleum in two of the rooms.  The bathroom floor was rotten where there was a leak in the kitchen sink that they never told us about.  The spout and handles in the bathtub shower was missing (they were rusted and sure they had been gone for a while).  So now were renovating AGAIN with any money that we did save from the rent.  Yesterday the contractor calls us and tells that someone has stolen the pipes from underneath the house (this was not from the tenants, because we had checked them when we found the leak, but they had been stolen in the last two weeks) oh and they stole the wiring to the dryer and stove!  I am at wits end with this place.  Is it okay to have an inspection clause in our lease?


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Yes, you can providing you don't abuse the right of entry.  One or two inspections a year are easy to accomplish - smoke detector batteries need replaced, inspection for needed maintenance, pest control, etc.  Make sure you give 48 hours notice to enter for the inspection.


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I agree..I had some issues with my apartment too.Our lease states that the tenant is responsible for pest control.But i came to know landlord should take care of all these.I took help from pest control experts.You can view the details here.


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Yes you can have inspection clauses in your lease...

Landlording... If it was easy, everyone would do it.  Hang in there. 

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No. It never ends. Sorry. The best thing that can happen is to end up with a great tenant who wants to stay, and does, until his life changes and he has to move. But the horrible ones REALLY make you appreciate the good ones, and truly mourn and pray for another of the great ones!

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Originally Posted by ceclantana
No. It never ends. Sorry. The best thing that can happen is to end up with a great tenant who wants to stay, and does, until his life changes and he has to move. But the horrible ones REALLY make you appreciate the good ones, and truly mourn and pray for another of the great ones!

Hmmmmmm well good thinking about it .Good work.!
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I have a tenant that has stayed until his life changes, but there have been some issues.  He was a Marine who decided to get discharged soon after he moved into our rental home.  Fortunately for us, the discharge process took nine months.  He passed the six-month home inspection, but he has been late with the rent last month.  This month is his last month of the lease.  I am hoping that if he is late this time, he will include the late fee as stated in the lease.  We did a drive-by last week.  The front and back yards look junky with items that should not be there, including a rain-soaked cardboard box.  The neighbors are mostly seniors that keep neat yards.  So, I wrote him an note asking him to remove the items in the yard.  I am waiting to see what happens next.  I hope the interior of the home is not in disrepair.  You have to wonder when the tenants are so untidy on the exterior.
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