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Hello, I have a duplex and currently rent out the left side while I live in the right. It has a combined yard. The left side has been tenants who pay on time, but have three large dogs (huskys) who love to dig. I use my yard often and discussed that the poop would need to be picked up twice a week. Since it was my first time renting to people with pets, I did not think I needed it in writing.

Needless to say, I’ve been picking up the poop for the last year. Also filling in all of the holes, they LOVE to dig. Buying dirt and taking care of their dogs has not been my favorite, and I have been asking them for the past 5 months or so to get it done. They have not. Recently (one month ago) I wound up adopting a rescue dog, and he’s been a peach. However, now it has come time for them to move, and I quit picking up after their dogs a few weeks ago (told them if not taken care of, I would hire a company and take it out of the deposit).

Their very aggressive dad told me the holes were from my dog and hung up on me. (I only take my dog out supervised, never alone. But how do I prove that?) I have pictures dating back a year of poop/holes. Sounds crazy, but it is a bit ridiculous the amount of damage done, if I was renting out the right side, the tenants would of left. There is no using the yard in its current state.

I know I should have taken care of this a long time ago, but any suggestions now that I’m in this situation?

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If they don't pick it up and fill the holes before they leave, do exactly as you said.  Hire someone and deduct it from their deposit.  If they challenge, tell them exactly what you just said - your dog is only taken out supervised.  And before you rent again, get a pet addendum and make them sign it.  Don't let future tenants get by with this again.  I would have given them a violation notice, hired someone, and gave them the bill for it a long time ago.  

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If you give tenants an inch, they take a mile. 

You have proof that their dogs cause major holes. You can deduct from their security deposit for waste removal and yard repairs.

Don't speak to your tenants' dad, just your tenants. 

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Agree with OHlandlord and LLinVA.  If tenant doesn't repair yard damage, hire and deduct from security deposit.

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I sorta have the same situation. I rented out two of my bedrooms. One tenant asked if he could possibly get a dog. I have two small rescue dogs and just had an 18yo one pass so I thought it would be good to have another one for my two older girls. I told him very CLEARLY yes, but only a SMALL and ONLY a female plus it must be sprayed. The first dog he walked in with was a 2 year old 150lb blue nose INTACT MALE PITBULL who walked straight over to my tiny 8lb dachshund at attacked her. I almost shot the dog on the spot. He went on for days about how I was discriminating vs pitbulls. I told him I have absolutely no issues with pitbulls behind cages or on leashes just nowhere near my babies. Two weeks later after I told him nevermind it was not a good idea he snuck in while I was gone for 2 weeks a female lab, beagle, mastiff MUTT. Who for those two weeks absolutely destoryed my house and property. He would lock her out of his room during the day and let her loose in my house. I have a Dog door for my two little dogs, that this 100lb dog ripped the flaps off of going in and out. List of what it chewed up is pages long. But top items where my 75" TV she knocked off the TV stand and chewed up all the corners, every single remote on the end table. Every single shoe I owned minus the 3 pair I took with me. My leather sectional was shreaded... then I go outside and find she dig 9 GIANT HOLES digging up every sprinkler head in the back yard, I find my high school, and college diplomas outside along with my master's degree certificate. Finally I see the urn that had the ashes of my grandfather... Lucky for me I paid a fortune e for that and it was made of Tungsten steel and painted. So all she did was scratch it up.

I was smart enough to secure a credit card from the ex tenant when we signed the lease at my lawyers office. The lease signed was "overkill" according to the guy as it was over 40 pages m, but I covered EVERYTHING I owned in detail... but I left out the holes in the yard. I am best friends with his employer which is also his entire families boss. So when I sent my buddy a list and price of things the tenant was asked to pay that amount or his entire family would be jobless. (Got to love idaho right to work laws.) It included a clause that states when I find out how much the other 12 holes the dog dug up from 12" x 11" to 4' x 3' and everything in the middle. N my landscaping company is telling me it's going to cost me about $400 per hole for fill, seeding, fertilizer, reseeding, and fertilizing along with patching to make the spots match the rest of the 2 acre section she was able to get to. I am not sure what I can legally charge him... when I relayed my cost. The reply was dirt is $10 fill it and shove it.....

Any help.... ps. Sorry for the essay. Just wanted the backstory to be known to get a good answer.

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