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Hello, I have a duplex and currently rent out the left side while I live in the right. It has a combined yard. The left side has been tenants who pay on time, but have three large dogs (huskys) who love to dig. I use my yard often and discussed that the poop would need to be picked up twice a week. Since it was my first time renting to people with pets, I did not think I needed it in writing.

Needless to say, I’ve been picking up the poop for the last year. Also filling in all of the holes, they LOVE to dig. Buying dirt and taking care of their dogs has not been my favorite, and I have been asking them for the past 5 months or so to get it done. They have not. Recently (one month ago) I wound up adopting a rescue dog, and he’s been a peach. However, now it has come time for them to move, and I quit picking up after their dogs a few weeks ago (told them if not taken care of, I would hire a company and take it out of the deposit).

Their very aggressive dad told me the holes were from my dog and hung up on me. (I only take my dog out supervised, never alone. But how do I prove that?) I have pictures dating back a year of poop/holes. Sounds crazy, but it is a bit ridiculous the amount of damage done, if I was renting out the right side, the tenants would of left. There is no using the yard in its current state.

I know I should have taken care of this a long time ago, but any suggestions now that I’m in this situation?

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If they don't pick it up and fill the holes before they leave, do exactly as you said.  Hire someone and deduct it from their deposit.  If they challenge, tell them exactly what you just said - your dog is only taken out supervised.  And before you rent again, get a pet addendum and make them sign it.  Don't let future tenants get by with this again.  I would have given them a violation notice, hired someone, and gave them the bill for it a long time ago.  

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If you give tenants an inch, they take a mile. 

You have proof that their dogs cause major holes. You can deduct from their security deposit for waste removal and yard repairs.

Don't speak to your tenants' dad, just your tenants. 

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Agree with OHlandlord and LLinVA.  If tenant doesn't repair yard damage, hire and deduct from security deposit.
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