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The AC in the condo we're renting out as a vacation home is reportedly not function properly. We got a repairman the next day after the tenants called, and they have been working on fixing it / ordering parts for the past 2 days. The tenants told me the temperatures are at 82º and that if the temperatures do not cool down they will go stay in a hotel. Will i need to reimburse them for the hotel fees if they ask? Our lease says i (the landlord) will furnish utilities, but does not specify what utilities. Also Florida law does not list AC as a "necessity". Any thoughts or comments will be appreciated, thanks! 

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Your only legal obligation is maintain habitability of the rental unit (as defined by your local/state laws) and should any necessary repairs be required to maintain it, law usually (check your states law for any specifics) only requires that the 'repairs be performed within a reasonable amount of time'.  Assuming that providing A/C is a legal requirement to maintain habitability, since you've already proceeded with getting this addressed you've fulfilled you're legal obligations with regards to addressing this issue.  A few days to repair an A/C unit is a very reasonable amount of time.  Unless your local/state laws specifically require a landlord to reimburse a tenant for lodging fees etc. while such repairs are being made (which is doubtful), then you're not obligated to reimburse them, especially since you've already taken action on this matter within a reasonable amount of time.

If your states law as well as any local housing ordinances (if applicable) does not list A/C as being a requirement that the landlord shall provide to maintain the habitability of a rental unit and your lease agreement doesn't specifically itemize that you (the landlord) are to provide A/C then you're not legally obligated to do anything in this case (not that you shouldn't anyway). 
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