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I am a new NJ landlord, doing this for the first time.

I have a disgruntled tenat in my 2 family home complaining about many small repairs and has begun to cost me money.

The lease I have was originally emailed to her without my signature.  She signed it, and faxed it back to me.

When asking for her copy with my signature, I didn't get it to her for three weeks after move-in, and then mistakenly added in pen a few extra addendums and then left it for her.

Of course she reneged on that bc she said she didn't agree to the addendums.

What do I do now?

Can i still hold her to that lease she signed and faxed back to me?  Even though the one she signed did NOT have my signature on it?

Best move from now?  Should I just sign the orig lease she signed without any new items and send to her certified?



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You did the right thing in sending it to her without your signature.  Never send a signed copy to a tenant.  You got her signature on a lease without addendums, you must honor that lease.  Sign and send her a copy of that lease without the addendums on it.

As for the repair requests, to slow her down, require all repair requests be made in writing and sent to you.  Require her to list her name, address, the date, the detailed problem, how it happened, what exactly needs to be done, and why it needs done.  (You might even provide a form for her to fill all this out on.)  Allow her to call only for emergency items (structural, flood, electrical sparks, etc.)  Anything else must be put in writing and submitted.  (If you really need to slow her down, make her sent them registered mail or certified.)  Let the machine pick up her calls.  If she calls for normal repairs, wait a day, then call back only to remind her it must be in writing.  Only respond immediately if it is an emergency.

Once you get the repair requests, prioritize them.  Handle emergency repairs within 48 hours, needed repairs within 30 days, and cosmetic or unneeded repairs are denied.  Send her a note that says her repair 1) will be done within 30 days, or 2) this repair is unnecessary and has been denied.  Then handle it as such.  Only do repairs that need to be done.  Not every request needs to be honored, you know.  Once she realizes that you will no longer jump to do her repairs and that she must go through the process of submitting it in writing each time, the requests will slow down.  This usually works.

Can you list the many small repairs that she wants done and I can tell you whether you really need to do them or not?
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