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My landlady and roommate are mom/daughter. Ti rent a room for 3 years, no problem. They started selling meth. I told them I'd call police. They totalled my car and let an addict in after midnight who assaulted me. I filed about the assault, not the drugs. My hands are permanently damaged.

The landlady then charged me with ELDER ABUSE! it's taken 8 months of being disabled and homeless to clear this. She falsified documents and manipulated witnesses, the bailiff and the judge. She's so sneaky, she's bypassing the law.

I have no use of my hands and Im in Danger everyday. I've been sexually assaulted twice at 57. The police are rude because they First checked my ID when the TRO elder abuse was there. First Impressions! They all look at me like I hurt My elders. Clearing it did nothing to keep me safe or her respect.

She changed court dates to earlier dates and had service sent to her old house so I was late for her rescheduled hearings and she told the judge im a no-show for my stuff. The judge had given me minute order to get My things, but she leaves and I can't get in. So she talks to him and he goes abandoned property Ok. By the time I get to court, it's a long done deal. And I can't see the judge alone. she can and has, apparently. She and the bailiff are friends.

Only for her does he stand up, walk to her, hug her and ask about her. No one else I've ever seen.

Now she has made a statement to Geico that I lied about my car getting totaled
and they are using it to charge me with felony fraud. They totaled it! I found it wrecked and now it looks bad...BECAUSE SHE HAS RUINED MY REPUTATION IN THE COMMUNITY, INCLUDING MY CLIENTS. I LOST MY TECHNOLOGY, SHE TOOK IT ALL WHILE I WAS IN THE STREET WEEK ONE!

She has a story to ruin me so no will believe e me. She has all my things, and no lawyer will help me. Elder abuse sends me eviction , who sends me to personal injury.

The landlord of the whole house has done nothing. I think j that's neglect. Over 30 police calls, I report an assault aND he doesn't cone to Check on us.

Where can I get help? ? I Need a hero. The trial is May 12. The D.A. told my lawyer she intends to nail me to the wall because crazy landlady dealer looks solid and the daughter looKS fragile.

Im truth, they both tested dirty for meth. The elder has Parkinsons 10 years now. She'll tell the jury she has cancer. She doesn't.

Daughter looks frail because she still smokes meth. She has 15% lung function and it's her own fault!

With HIPPA, They can lie about their health and mine. No one can get records

Only I am clean and sane. I feel like I live in the fun house and get hit by a bucket of crazy every few hours.

I'm in California. I need an aggressive lawyer that can take this off the settlement. big
Landlord is crazy rich and it'll go fast.

Please. ....
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