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Hello everyone. I'm the manager for a mobile home park in Utah and this is my story. I have a tenant in a rent-to-own agreement (for a mobile home) . Him and his wife were in the agreement and she ended up divorcing him and she requested to be sign off the contract since she couldn't put up with his drinking and left him. Lately he's bringing his friends to his trailer to drink. The stay in the space where the trailer is but still they remain outside. He has visitors all the time and the only thing they do is get drunk. 

The tenants across from where he lives have children and don't let their kids out to play anymore because of all these people drinking. Also I have a vacant trailer and available to be rented but no-one takes it because of these people. 

He is allowing all these people to come and drink making this park look a like a dive. According to our park rules, the only way tenants are subject to removal is if they are having loud parties. They are not loud but the good image of the park is being deteriorated. Please advise me what to do, what to come up with in a rule violation notice.

Thank you


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"peaceful enjoyment" extends beyond noise
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