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My tenant who has a lease ending July 2018 asked the question how to terminate his lease early as he may get promoted and move out of state.  My lease written by my agent does not provide for early termination but has a clause that anything not in the lease reverts to whatever Maryland law dictates.  In negotiating the lease he asked for a reduction in my asking price in exchange for a two year lease, now he wants to possibly terminate said lease.  I cannot find anything on-line as to what Maryland law dictates . . . Thanks . . .

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If you can't find it online, you may need to consult an attorney. I assume you have tried googling terms such as 'maryland residential lease early termination' and other variations. I know VA has a lot in their residential landlord tenant act. I would be surprised if there wasn't something similar in Maryland. In fact, I would expect Maryland to be even more extensive and protective of the tenant. 

If you didn't put anything in the lease to address an early termination, the lower rent for the longer term may not matter. 

Ask your agent first since they wrote the lease saying anything not covered by the lease reverts to MD law. If you can't get a reliable answer from them, then consult an attorney or simply let him go. If you think you can rent it again pretty quickly, I wouldn't put too much effort into fighting this one leaving. Just take it as a lesson learned, improve your lease, and move forward.


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On the advice of my agent who has been in the business for 47 years she says it is an enforceable contract but if I choose I can require the tenant to give 90 day notice which he would have to do even if he were not leaving early otherwise it would go to month to month and a 30 day notice would be required after the initial term.  This would also be true on my part if I did not want to continue to rent the unit.  During that 90 day notice I would be allowed to list and show the condo at reasonable times and he would be required to maintain the interior in a show-able condition.  If the place rented he would then be released from the rest of the contract.  I sent him an email 2 days ago asking his time frame and he has yet to respond . . .
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