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I moved into a small garage apt in June. I have central h/a, no dishwasher, and in the garage below there is a hot water heater and brand new washer dryer.

The landlord who lives in the big house on the property, uses the washer/dryer (as I do) and he also installed a garage door opener. He also plugs in his tools in the garage, and guess whose electric bill it's going on? Mine. (I am separately metered from his house electric)

The last few months, my bill has been astronomical. The landlord says I "dry my clothes for too long." Now there is another tenant in his house also using the washer-dryer on my bill. Today there is a construction guy with tools plugged in working on the garage door. Yep, on my dime, too.

I don't know what else is connected to my meter. I filed a complaint with the PSC of Florida thinking there might be something wrong with the meter, or maybe the power company misread the meter. I spoke with a rep from Duke Energy and she said my average daily use is around 57 kwh which is really high.

My point being, how to I settle with the landlord about his and the other tenant's usage of stuff on my meter? Do I have recourse? I don't want to be a jerk to the LL, but I also cannot afford these electric bills!


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Let the landlord know of the situation. Things like this are best settled immediately, so that problems don't arise later. Let him know that you're paying for other people's electric usage, and then ask him to rectify the situation. Show him the bills and let him know that you've already spoken to the PSC, so you know that the wattage being used can't possibly be from only you. The landlord has many options in situations like this (utilities included, separate meter, etc.), so hopefully it won't become an issue where one party is "the jerk".

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I am agree with @hkenaten. Showing bills would be great proof to your owner and let landlord know this.
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