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I live in a mobile home park, I own my mobile home but I rent the land the mobile home is on. I recently have been having high water bills or so my landlord says. I don't think there is anything wrong with the home itsself it's been fine since we moved here two years ago. It was recently installed by the guy we bought the trailer from. We pay our water bill through the mobile home park when I pay the lot rent. My lot rents usually been on time, however there's been problems with my water bill. It usually around $60-$90 per month. I do have 5 people in my house and I do laundry for all five people and do dishes etc. I dropped off my lot rent again on the first when it was due, the landlord was still complaining a bit about the water bill. 

Today I go  to run errands and find the maintenance man had my skirt opened and looking my house. I asked him if everything was ok? He said your water bill is high I'm checking your meteoric to make sure nothing is wrong. The park installed a new water meter this past December because of a pipe freeze/busting. Is the landlord allowed to send the maintenance man to take my skirting off and look under my house with out my  permission? He does own the land but the mobile home is mine, what are my rights far as the landlord being able to do this. Thanks need help. 
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