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I'm wondering how often you go through the process of vetting a tenant just to have them come back and not take the apartment.


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We have almost no one actually put in an application and not take the space. Some people start the application process and drop off, but usually if people don't want the space they don't even apply.

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We just had someone not take an apartment after they went though the application process including a credit check.  They said they took another apartment.  We were quite surprised.  Such bad timing. Now it's getting late into the season in the Boston area so no one wants to move.  Unfortunately we don't have any other real prospects that have completed a full application at this time.

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Happens all the time.  Had it happen just this week.  Called the applicant twice to give them the unit, without response. 

People live in an instant society and want instant answers.  Unfortunately, you need time to do a thorough screening.  So sometimes they find another unit in the meantime.  Sometimes they have put in multiple applications at the same time.  And once in a while, people have a life change in mid application (separate from a spouse, lose their job, change their mind, etc.)  Just move on to applicant #2 and keep going.
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