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Hello all, I am renting out a room in my house. I am new to this, and have lived alone for about 8 years before this. She also has a cat (was big mistake on my part). 

Problem is she is inviting people over (with no notice though i didn't give her warning on giving me notice to invite people over). In her her defense i am a bit sensitive, i like it quiet on weekends for the most part. She typically likes to drink on the weekends and be very social. She says she has the right to invite over anyone she wants without notice. 

In the roomate agreement i specified 10pm to 730AM as quiet time. She had someone over until 11pm on a weekday night and though they were trying to be quiet i could hear them in the next room. 

Also her cat is a bit out of control at times but is an outdoor cat that only goes outside for about 6-8 hours a day. Lately it has been sleeping but before it would get all crazy and do things it knows was not allowed (climb on furniture). I have asked her about cutting the nails of the cut but she says that's not good for outdoor cats . It has gotten better however. The smell of the cat food makes me nearly puke however. 

We got in a fight about inviting people over and i have talked to a friend of mine who said, just evict her. It is not someone you are compatible with. This friend holds a lot of weight in my life, i really trust them as i am going through a ruff time quitting smoking now as well and am trying to keep focused on studying or anything else but human interaction for awhile [smile]

Thanks for reading, thoughts? 

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does not sound like you have cause to evict

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If she hasn't violated the lease there isn't much you can do except to end the lease as early as allowed in the lease. 

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How long is the rental agreement? M2M or year lease?

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I would say, consult a real estate agent. He will be able to guide you in this regard. Also, do not take any actions if you have no knowledge about the eviction rules in your state.

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How long is the lease?

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I’m of the same opinion as dishrodger. The only reason in this situation that might suit you is violating a pet policy. However, I suppose you knew about her cat before and you set up pet policy.

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