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i live in bakersfield ca,i manage a few properties here and have run into some wicked tenants who take advantage of a LL's ignorance about renting,me included,lots of things have changed since daddy ran the business.damn..
as we know,everyone is doing bad to due unemployment *bllsht* never the less i try to take it into consideration when people want to rent from us.i try to keep the rent affordable so i dont have problems collecting it monthly.
ex:a 4bdr HOUSE nice neighborhood $950mo.,nope having the rent low and affordable does not prevent people from stiffing gives them a NICE roomy big 4 bdrm HOUSE to not pay rent in for 3 months.
i have learned that these people who do this,do it on a regular basis and know each other,they are teaching their kids to live this way too!we kinda joke about there being a NoRentPaying Guild.members in the hundreds,skilled at looking you straight in the eye and lying through their teeth,with monthly meetings and training... its prolly not far from the truth.
i personally know of people who live this way and have for a very long time.they pay the deposit,rent for maybe 2 or 3 months and then stay rent free the 2 or 3 months it takes the LL to get em out and then on to the next spot.
The new "hook" to me when they are asking to rent from us is,"im not even gonna lie,straight up,i got bad credit" as if thats gonna help them get the place somehow.Points for being honest?i dunno...some i consider and some i dont.
so far the ones ive considered ive had to evict.i considered them only because of the way they presented themselves to be,honest,i try not to be judgemental,i would want someone to trust and give me a chance.
Not anymore,like i said things have changed since daddy ran the business,these tenants are vicious and will twist things to their advantage causing the LL lots of aggravation,time and money.old news to some but new to me and a lot of other landlords.
i cant stand people victimizing LLs who try to help,if you are from Bakersfield and want to know the names of people who ive run across and had to evict,let me know.i dont know what i can do legally about posting the names of people ive had to evict...YET but some these people slip under the radar as far as having an eviction record.they count on the LL cashing them out a wad of cash to get out of their hair,so it wont show up as an eviction.NOT ME!I fight!and cause them to be held accountable even when i know i wont get back what i lost fighting them,but you never know,stranger things have happened,the judgements are good for 10 years and can be renewed.
ive become quit good at the eviction process ...4 of them,i had better have learned something


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Using good screening practices will save you from renting to these piss wipes.
Renting below market prices typically reaps dead beats.
ALWAYS run credit reports.
Always run your own credit reports. Never accept a credit report from a applicant.
Call past Landlords. Every time. Check that the landlord (or the one posing as the LL) owns
the property at the address of your applicants last residence.

Research all of the addresses that are returned on a credit report.
Verify employment.
NEVER accept payments for the security deposit.
Only accept money orders or cashiers check for security deposit and 1st months rent.
1st months rent is a full months rent. Prorate the 2nd month if you rent to the tenant
other than on the 1st of the month.
 The above are just a few screening tips.

Long Beach CA Landlord

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Thank you for the tips..those go in my book to remind me.its just because ive been adopting them slowly and not immediately like i should have that ive had to deal with these types of people.i caused my own grief .
First eviction took over 3 months 1 answered...second no answer,3 months also.these last 2 were answered,i lagged on doing one i started in Oct. and ended up having 2 UDs going at once in Dec. even answered it only took 2 months to get them out this time,both tenants put up a fight.One filed a small claims too and the others moved in a family member to say they live there and was not served.Im guessing neither wanted to pay the 15 days rent to stay and the one who filed the small claims didnt show up in court.
Not gonna rent cheap anymore and screening is a must..we are fixing the houses now to try again
i just wanted to let LLs here know about these people,the ones ive run into..this last lady,the suer,shes vicious.the house we had rented her was free n clear,she just caused a bit of agro for 2 months but some unlucky LLs might not be able to stand losing 2 months rent.
she wanted $2000.00 from us for her to drop everything and i said kiss my ass.
she got the judgement ahaha on the condition she pay us $1,600.00 she defaulted and we got the judgement.we will prolly never see the money but it was the principle of the matter,she took it that far thinking i was just gonna give her some cash to get out..ummm no.most LLs just want these people to move and cave in to their demands for money,im trying to head em off at the pass by letting other LLs who dont screen know i have few gonna start doing what im supposed to..screening


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Protect your own @ssets first. The next LL that gets these people as tenants didn't screen them very well.

Make sure you register the judgment that you have on these ex-tenants to get it to show up on their credit report to warn other LL's.

Find yourself a flat fee eviction lawyer. They typically charge $100 over the court filing fees. You would have to pay the court fees any way if you did the UD yourself.

Yes a lot of tenants that respond to the UD don't show up in court. They are trying to stall for more time rent free in your rental.

I had one eviction where the tenant responded with a bunch of lies and stuff they did on purpose. They did show up in court. What a riot. Great entertainment for me. I had a great time. Started off with the two of them SCREAMING Fighting in the hall so loud that inside the court room the Judge had the bailiff go to the hallway and shut them up. Then the clothes they were wearing. OMG. Him pants too short and too big. Which made the thrift store bought dress shoes really stand out with the white sports socks. Shirt too small. I laughed so hard I nearly hurt me-self trying to contain the guffaws.

Then they tried to settle with my lawyer. Started fighting again. Lawyer totally frustrated with them. Threw up his hands and walked away when she wouldn't sign the agreed terms they had just settled on. Then.... LOL they ran out of court before we were called. Judge asks where are the tenants? Lawyer says I don't know. Lawyer asks me where are your tenants? I tell him I believe they ran out of the building at lunch break. Which they did. Screaming and fighting all the way down the escalator. Judgment to the LL for $3500.

It is true that by LL's doing "cash for keys" these piss wipes are flying under the radar.

Long Beach CA Landlord

Posts: 3,755
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Professional tenants are in the thousands (maybe tens of thousands considering the size of this country).  They are found in every state, urban and rural, and in every rent range.  Discourage the likes of these by requiring copies of their driver's licenses and copies of check stubs (even unemployment checks) at showing. 

Screen very well - thoroughly.  Check every municipal court charge on an applicant (even traffic)  - then look at the "details" section or click on the name to see the address they gave the court or officer at that time.  You'll find lots of addresses they forgot to mention. Pull those up in the county auditor site and find that owner.  Contact him for a rental refernece.   You'll learn a lot about the applicant.

Always do background checks for every area they lived in.  They may be clean in your city - but only because they had to leave the last place because no one would rent to them there any more.  Watch the background check companies - every company doesn't check every state or even every area of that state.  Some only check certain counties of a state, or only the most urban areas.  Ask which specific areas a company checks before signing up with any background check company.

Oh, I  could go on and on about screening.  But do some research and read my posts so I'm not repeating myself.  Just be careful and protect your investment.  Remember, it's worth holding off and having a unit empty an extra month rather than renting to a questionable applicant.  One eviction costs you a lot more than a single month of rent.  Wait for that good tenant to come along.  Best of luck with your next tenant.

Posts: 33
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high five for Veronica, i would do the same thing if that happen to me, you might not get your money back but you sure ruin their credibility.

California Landlord

Posts: 11
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Search them in The Rent Rite Directory's FREE Incident Reporting Database then screen potential tenants using their Tenant Screening Services. Many packages available including a la carte reports.

Posts: 10
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A thorough rental application and contract can be your best friend both before and after a tenancy begins. Low rent prices for decent properties does not attract deadbeats- poor landlord screening does. High rent in a bad economy = short term rental. Even with the best of screening - life happens. Remember that LL'ing is indeed a business. The worst thing you can do is procrastinate for months on getting someone out. I do not know a single attorney in existence that will charge you $100.00 over the courts filing fee. If you use an attorney, expect to pay around $1,000. Try UDA's (Unlawful Detainer Assistants) if you need a decent price. Every mistake you make on your forms or the service of your forms will cost you time, and when the average costs of a rental per day is $30.00, time is money. Keep your rent prices decent, and your deposit as high as the law will allow. 

I am not an attorney. I cannot offer legal advice. I cannot represent you in court. Any discussion herein is not intended as legal advice or as a substitute for the particularized advice of your own counsel.

Posts: 3
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Lots of good info here. I especially like Veronica's 'deadbeat' list concept, long overdue! I have plenty to add to that list! And I can't stress enough that once you find your tenant is abusing the relationship start the process! I have found the bums never get it together, the longer you wait to get rid of them the more pain you will reap.
Anyone know of decent management in Bakersfield? How about the best method for attracting applicants (craigslist, paper, sign etc)? I have found a sign is the best, then CL. I have never used the paper since it costs so much but await advice from others here.
How about a tenant screening service that works?

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Yikes, I forgot. How about eviction people in Bakersfield? I have used a few, all have at least one issue that makes me nervous, some are outright crooks or idiots.

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Hi All, me and 3 others are starting a website with a data base of names
pic and damages, that people has done to homes and apartments. We all Voltaire are time and need your help with the growing database if you know someone who has done damages or has not paid rent please let us know,by email or pm. Are email is
 You will receive one year free membership to are database. Still unknown if we will charge fees, server time is are problem right now very expensive. This is for Bakersfield area only right now but we do take names for out of state too. Extra info that have done to home is needed so when you look up a name
we put down all information thay have done to it, I've seen some real bad stuff you wont believe, its time to fight back.


Posts: 3,755
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Be very careful in keeping a "black list" of tenants.  Don't say things like "Don't rent to these people'" or anything similar.  Tenants can challenge any opinion, make sure it is fact based.  They can sue not only the poster, but the people maintaining the list.  Better to post a list of previous tenants with the contact info of their prior landlords for prospective landlords to contact for more information in that tenant.  Then new landlords can contact the previous ones to get info, pics of the damages done, etc.
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