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evicting a tenant who seems to bring up past legal issue that has nothing to do with why hes not paying rent. every time i go to court it always a stalling tactic.  then i have to do it ALL OVER AGAIN still there after YEARS of not paying he feels issues that happened 7-8 years ago is a reason why he SHOULDN'T LEAVE i'm trying to remove him without involving lawyers any ideas? also he's m2m
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Why would you let someone stay for YEARS without paying? Get a lawyer ASAP and get it done! 
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I don't know NYC but this guy has to go. I would think month-to-month would help with that. If you trying to do it yourself isn't working, get a lawyer. 

He had legal issues with you many years ago?

Definitely don't tolerate someone not paying for months, let alone years. Get him out!
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