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My daughter and her 9 year old daughter moved into my mother's house 1 1/2 years ago.  No lease nor agreement nor rent.  Mother had Alzheimer's, Mom died and left the property to me.  Now the daughter will not move and I am going to have to evict her it seems.  How do I do this if she never paid rent?  Also I have offered to pay for her move into another house and subsidize her future rental payments.  She does not work and gets very little aid.  Actually Moms more or less paid her rent for the last 5 years elsewhere until she was evicted from there.  She can move with me if need be.  I am losing substantial rent monthly by not renting this house she lives in.  I am in CA in rent control area.  Thank you

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You need to see an eviction attorney because it is a rent controlled area and because there is no written agreement to pay rent.  I suggest calling around to find a local EVICTION attorney (not a general one or a real estate atorney) who will do this for a flat fee.  CA is very tenant freindly and you will need professional help with this.  You may or may not have to pay large relocation fees.  If she had an agreement to pay rent it would be easier.  I believe you will end up having to give her a 30 day written notice to vacate the unit, or a 30 day notice stating that the terms of her agreement have changed and you will expect $XXX of rent from her on the first of each month starting 2 months from now.  When she doesn't pay you will be able to evict.  It is a difficult problem.  I strongly suggest an attorney.

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Thank you for your advice, I know an attorney would be the best bet.  I just hope he doesn't cost too much, I am more of a do-it-yourself person since the cash doesn't flow my way  too much.  I will look into it though.
Thanks again.

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