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I rent a mobile home lot in a trailer park but own my trailer out right and title in hand. I was served with a 30 notice to vacate and the landlord cashed my lot rent check for that month same day I was served. The following month September he refused rent and wouldn't say why note I have never been late and the past 3 years I've paid 6 months in advanced I stopped because I started receiving harassing text from the landlord. I had a verbal agreement with the landlord that was witnessed and I have a witness statement sworn and notarized about the agreement. The verbal agreement was for 5years and if there was no late payments and my lot was kept clean when the 5 year was over the landlord would give a long term written lease. I had reported the landlord for code violations and he was fined somehow he was given the confidential email I wrote to the parish and the threats started about eviction. 2 weeks into September the constable served me with a summons and I appeared in jp court. I wasn't given my right to defend myself he (the jp) claimed a verbal agreement did not stand in court even tho I could prove it. After the hearing I asked to appeal the judgement and the jp refused to give me the proper paperwork to file the appeal. I was given 24 hours to vacate and he was given a rule of possession. How can I be evicted from my own trailer and how can he just serve me and not start over on the process since payment was accepted?

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Where is this? Different states have different laws about rent. Without a written lease it may be assumed to be month to month (in some places), so he can refuse rent and force you to lease at any time (with proper notice). 

If the trailer is yours you need to take it with you, but still need to vacate his property (the lot itself). 

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It is in Louisiana St Tammany Parish and our agreement was verbal I have a sworn witness statement on the agreement I pay 6 months lot rent at a time . I even had text messages from the landlord stating that he's kicking me out because I reported him to the parish he's even admitting physically assaulting me he gave me a notice to vacate but my rent is paid till December. I've got text messages proving its retaliation even denying me the right to sell my mobile home state and city ordinance restrict me from moving my home cuz its a 1980 with an addition
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