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My tenant is in Contra Costa County in CA.  I am extremely frustrated with the eviction process and so any advice would help. 
1,My tenant hardly stays at home and hence it is very hard to serve her personally . My process server has tried 3 times and has failed.  I am trying to find out if anyone  who is 18 or older can serve eviction papers in California (other than the landlords) or does it have to be only  process servers,,  One of my friends served the papers since her husband was the one that was named in the eviction form, although both are landlords.  Is this legal?  The reason this may help me is because then I can find out from the neighbor when my tenant comes to the apartment and then try  to serve her.  

I know that if this is not possible then I have to file another form with the court to get permission to serve her through mailing, and this going to cause a lot of delays.  Also, her lease is getting over (with housing authority and with myself) - August end and I have already given her the 90 day notice (and informed housing authrority) and I am planning on giving her the 30 day notice too as a reminder. Will this help in the court to also give her the 30 day noticet?  I don't think she is going to move by August 30.  I don't need the rent,, I just need her to move out. 

Another question is that my process server is delaying sending me the proof of service.   Is there is a time period that this needs to be sent?  He has already made the 3 attempts and I paid him for rush service.
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