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We are owners of a duplex in Los Angeles County. Our tenant simply stopped paying rent for Feb and March. 

We reached out to her asking if there was anything we could to work it out. However, they were silent, stating they were out of town and simply had not been paid. 

We gave them a 3-day or quit Feb 25. 

We decided to file the eviction papers without a lawyer. We believe that we filled out all paperwork correctly and my wife, who is not on the lease, served her. 

However, she has responded with a letter to the court. In LA county we have to wait 3 days to know what she responded. Los Angeles, does not have an on-line system. 

Should we go ahead & get a lawyer or is she just buying herself some time? What could be her possible responses? 

I feel that we are in the right. She has not paid and we gave her 25 days to pay. Are missing something? 

Thank you. 


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So in a couple days you will know what she submitted? You may do some research and look into who you may hire if it comes to that, but I wouldn't actually hire anyone until you know what she is claiming. 
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