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This post is really old and should have been left alone.

Foster care will allow kids with non-related adults under certain circumstances, such as when there is an established relationship with the child already (daycare worker, a close neighbor, etc.). 

Different localities have different regulations on exact occupancy (for example, they don't all require separate dressers). 

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In my state they don't and I know this because we do foster care

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I am in a duplex with 3 bedroom and 1 and a half bath I have one biological child and one step daughter and 3 foster children I have the 2 boys in one room with bunk beds and the 3 girls in one room with a triple bunk bed.dcs approved me for 5 children total and told me that the foster kids are not suppose to go on a lease and somehow my land lord found out about the foster kids and made us put them on a lease and told us not to have any more children than 4 in the house and that’s when we found out we were getting full custody of my husbands daughter and now we have 5 kids.i need help can she kick us out if dcs already approved us for 5 kids?or that we have 5 kids now? I’m scared we are going to have to move. Please help! I live in Tennessee

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This should have been made its own thread.

DCS and your landlord are completely different. Your landlord can be more restrictive than DCS if it's allowed by the lease. If the lease specifies that everyone residing there needs to be on the lease, children included, and you don't tell the landlord, then you violated the lease. If the lease only allows four people total and you have seven, then you violated the lease. If the lease limits bedrooms to two people each and you have three kids in one, then you violated the lease.

If you are going to foster, you really should reach out to the landlord and let them know. Otherwise, they are fully within their rights to address issues such as violations of the lease. They can't discriminate because you have kids and they probably can't even discriminate because some of them are fosters, but things that would apply to all tenants regardless of how they are related can be enforced (such as max limits, per bedroom limits, everyone being listed on the lease, etc.). 
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