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Tenants were evicted for non-payment. They moved out and left a key on the counter. When I went in the house to check for damages I  was in shock. All the beautiful old hardwood floor in the house are all buckled up beyond repair. There are buckles throughout the house at least 6" high. We discovered a water pipe under the house spewing out hot water. We fixed the leak, took about 30 minutes. We rented a dehumidifier to put under the house. My question is this much damage could not have happened the day they moved out. Would I be able to sue them for neglecting to tell me of the needed repairs. I know they could say they had no way of seeing the leak under the house. But they had to have seen the hardwood buckling up long before it got that bad.

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Odds are that even if you sued and won, you will probably never see a dime out of them. For your own mental health, it's better to replace it and forget about it. If it's worth it to you to have a lien on them or however it works, knock yourself out, but the odds of getting any significant amount of money in your pocket isn't worth the time, money, and headache. 

Take it as a lesson to screen more carefully (look back at their application and your screening to see what you could have done better) and to do more frequent inspections.

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I would definitely go after them!  Are they disputing the damages?  How much damage above and beyond their security deposit do you estimate?  If it's significant, I would get a few estimates and file a claim.
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