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My husband and I decided to rent out a room in our 4 bedroom house here in Los Angeles due to wanting to feel a sense of security.(as we thought more people would mean safer, which is a big mistake)
We are both in our late 20s and we have a few other single family home for rent in the same area we live in. My husband got into a skiing accident last year which he broke both of his legs and he is still on his way to recovery. Our neighborhood is quiet and we wanted more people in the house because we often hear noise late at night while not knowing the source.( could be just animals)
We post an ad on craigslist.( big mistake) We always rent out property thought our very trusted real estate agent. But since renting out a room really is a craigslist thing, we did it by ourselves. ( big mistake)
This man in his mid 30s seems to be ok became a lodger in my house after my husband's approval. ( Lodger is -Caucasian, has a stable job in Santa Monica, around 5'3-5'4, seems non aggressive) Initially I wanted a month to month lease but he pushed for a first 3 month then month to month agreement which we agreed to.( HUGE MISTAKE) Also, we did not set house rules before he moves in( HUGE MISTAKE) 
Problem beings (first week)
1. After he moved in, he claims he need space in the kitchen for-
--his set of pots and pans in a total of over 10 pieces( he cooks about once a week= heating up boxed soup );
--over 20 piece knife set with utensil holder about 20 inches in height;
--tools to clean, gut and scale fish ;
--dry food
In short, the space he demands would need around 5-6 cabinets space to satisfy.
I told him I do not have that much space. He refused, raised his voice and said these are the stuff he needs to store in the kitchen. I got tired of the situation and went back to my room. I guess he sensed that I was upset so the next day I saw him- He said he is ok with the space he has right now. Which are 4 cabinets. I was glad we worked it out.
2. After that, he begins to use my dish-drainer, store his other stuff in the laundry room without asking for permission. 
3. He uses the kitchen trash can all the time but never take out trash. He turns on porch light every night and does not turn them off in the morning before he goes to work. Does 5-6 loads of laundry a week and over soap...After he uses the toaster, the seeds from bread gets everywhere. All of these issues are tiny. However, he does them repeatedly after I already addressed to him a few times. 
One day, he sent me a photo of the recycle bin 4-5 meters away from the back of his cars and said he does not want me to put it there. I texted him back saying feel free to not park in the driveway if that troubles him. but seriously, the trash cans are only out on the road once a week only. If it happens to be in your way, just move it like I always do for you. Why make a big deal about it. He sent me lots of text and demand talking face to face which I do not feel comfortable with since he talks in an aggressive way all the time like he really want to be heard at all times. 
After his text bombs, I went to talk to him in the kitchen. He goes- what is your problem with me? blah blah blah, goes on and on and repeat the same question. I told him I do not have a problem with him. (I sucked it up)After a heated conversation which are basically exchange of nonsense. I realized he thought I intentionally put the trash can behind the back of his car. He thought the location of these trash can has MEANINGS. He thought that is the way I try to kick him out... I told him he is imagining stuff. He kept repeating to me and to himself that he is a sensitive man, an emotional man, a nice man. "YES I'm a very sensitive man, a very emotional man but a very nice man" . That's when it starts to get very creepy and escalated.
The black and green trash can were actually moved by my very nice neighbor who knows my husband's situation and the recycle bin was moved by me. They happened to be move to different location( not inline) which made the sensitive lodger thinks I moved the recycle bin to 3 different location which is unfavorable to him... I explained to him that it was a misunderstanding and he could go ask my neighbor. I thought the issue was being taken care of but no.. 
The next day, my best friend bought his fiance from another state to visit me and my husband at my house. This sensitive man was imagining that I bought people to teach him a lesson or something... I had no idea this was coming. When we were all chatting in the living room. He and his parents made a surprise entrance in my house and started yelling at my friend's fiance. His father threaten him that he does not know who he is messing with and who is behind who's back. I try to stand between them and tell his father that this is my guest- don't talk to my guest in this manner. Then, he starts yelling at me at a very close distance and I thought he was going to hit me. I was afraid, embarrassed and very angry. But I could not show it because I need to handle the situation.  The 3 of them stand in my kitchen. I ask them what is going on? They said we are not talking to you. IN MY KITCHEN? I called the police. It took them over an hour to come. My friend's fiance wanted to keep us all safe before he leaves that he ended up missed his flight and he had an important business meeting the next morning. I felt so sorry for him. While we were waiting for the police to come. The trio was making a scene everywhere they go. Heating up pizza in the kitchen. Eating all together. Walking in and out of the house numerous time. Smoking in my yard. The whole time I was worrying about if his angry parents are not leaving for the night. What am I going to do? I could not protect my husband as I am not physically strong enough.

1 hour and 25 mins later, 2 Police officers arrived. We all left the house to talk to them on the driveway. One came to talk to us 4. The other talk to the trio. The police office was telling us that we made a big mistake of renting out a room in our own home. He said it always turns out ugly even for people that know each other at the first place. He told us that since we are the property owner and he is the only person we are renting out to-- he is a lodger. We need to give him 30 day notice and he will have to leave. Luckily, my trusted real estate agent friend arrived at a similar time. He acted as a middle man between the trio and us. The situation calmed down a lot and we came to an agreement of moving the lodger out asap. His parents, my friend and her fiance left. I gave this sensitive man a 30 day to vacate notice on the same day. While my husband and I were drafting it, we were trying so hard at avoiding sensitive word choice that might trigger him. I hope his move out process will go smooth and drama free. The conclusion from me and my husband was never let stranger live in your house. NO MATTER WHAT THE REASON IS. 
Side note- while I was browsing online regarding lodger situation. I found a lot of older people( over age 70) has this issue of having lodger from hell living in their home. I feel so sorry for them. . .it is not easy


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Hi, sounds like quite an ordeal!  Taking in a boarder within your own home is definitely chancy, even if it's someone you already know.  After all, it is YOUR home, but they will want to make it their own too.

This guy sounds like he needs therapy and could be a problem tenant for any small-time landlord living in an owner-occupied house.  You might want to consider documenting your issues with him at one of the bad-tenant reporting sites, so that other landlords can beware.

I have only had to do that once, but it is cathartic knowing that you are helping someone else avoid the same mistake you made.  I also check these spaces when I rent, because someone may look good on paper but be a deeply troubled individual.  Landlords are not paid to be mental health professionals!


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Thank you for your reply. I'm going to document this whole ordeal on those websites once I successfully have him vacate. 
My real estate agent friend recommended me to offer him cash so he will leave my house earlier than vacate notice expire date because that guy is like a ticking bomb. 
So I offered to pay him $850 for him to move 14 days earlier. He wants $1350. I was reluctant to do so but I just don't want to deal with him anymore and I could never predict what he might do next. He really scares me. We agreed to the cash bonus amount $1350.  Then he said he wants the cash upfront... before him signing any vacate agreement. At this point, I think he is just playing games.   
I hope police or sheriff will come help me when the vacate notice expires. I honestly cannot handle his family's verbal abuse for another time. 

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Oh please give me the police officers you know I have a smiling lodger the one who I lent money to when her car got repossessed..excepted her cat ...let her hide her car behind my gate..I could go on and on..anyway in return she pays her storage rental car before me..I have to chase her to get rent in drips and drabs..she then brings her rental on my property I tell her the car behind the gate has to go ..I need the space for my motorbike....I give her a month to move her car...she moves it the next day gets repossessed...she decides it's my fault and now is deducting the loss of her car from the rent.LOL..she is telling me she's not paying her weekly rent tee hee evict her she says.

So I gave her notice a week ago to move I want room back..
What can I do local lawndale police tried to force me to let a lodger back in three years ago when I had a similar problem and tried to remove a lodger then.

I have learnt a big lesson ..I tend to rent my room to people in desperate situation..happy to help those less fortunate..bend over backwards to accommodate...nice..nope ..


Help I need to get this whack job out ..she has a cat..

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What an absolute nightmare. I can't believe how quickly things escalated!
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