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New Tenants moved in a few days ago. They said they did not have pets and didn't pay a pet deposit. I looked at their profile on facebook and they just posted about their new cat. How do I make the cat discovery without letting them know I looked at their facebook page? Any suggestions ?

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why do you care if you found it on facebook, that is public.
print the posting (you may need it).

you can do an inspection or look in garbage(cat litter).   but you do not need to.
in writing ask for the deposit and extra mthly rate.

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Never tell anyone how you got the information. It will only tell them what NOT to do in the future. Let them think you have eyes everywhere.

Simply state "it has come to my attention that you have a cat in the rental unit. You will need to do X, Y, and Z or we will be forced to serve notice on you.

In CA, we would serve a "3 Day Notice To Cure Or Quit" to resolve rental violations not pertaining to money.

Good luck.


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You are able to start the eviction process. You have no pets policy and you discover that the tenant has a cat living in the unit and this is a violation of no-pet policy. You just need to prove it.  Do an inspection of your  property and get photographic evidence.


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Agree with all the replies [cool]
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you do not need to tell them how you found out...however print the facebook posting so you hve it if needed.   also do an inspection (give them the required notice, (12 hours in Wisconsin).  then look for things, take pics.
after u have the extra proof. if you allow pets ask for pet deposit and start charging mthly.
if you do not allow paets, give them the required notice to cure or quit (5 days in Wisconsin)

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I don't know where you are, but in VA it would be a 30-day notice for a violation not in relation to payment. I agree with the others, do an inspection and then tell them 'it has come to our attention...'

Does your lease specify pet policy, rent, and deposit? If not, and it is only your policy (not on the lease), you may have a harder time enforcing. 

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Do not think about that, just print and go before they delete the photo
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Update: Soon after I saw the cat on facebook the tenants called me about a problem with the stove. I told them I would be over after 5. They said they wouldn't be at home but to come on in and check the stove. Can you believe they left the cat in the house knowing I would be coming in. So I left them a notice about the cat that said they need to pay the $300 non refundable pet fee. They called me later and said they would get rid of the cat. I told them it doesn't matter if they get rid of the cat or not they still owe $300 because the cat has already been living at the house. So they came up with the $300.

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I like that you stuck to the terms of your lease.  Well done!
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