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Say I hired a lawyer to represent me in court case filed against me by a tenant.



A. I pay lawyer /court fee out of pocket in advance, and if I win, the losing party supposed to pay me back to cover  court/ lawyer expenses  etc.


B. I do not pay in advance lawyer/court fees until the end of the court, and if I win, losing party is supposed to cover court  / lawyer expenses


Which way it  does actually happen  in real life? A or B?


My fear is that if I pay all in advance, even if I win, the other party might not to pay me back, and I  will have to engage "collection" mechanism to get money back.




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Few lawyers will represent you in an eviction or civil suit without being paid in advance.  And yes, you have to collect on the judgement against the other party which may or may not happen.  That's the way it works.

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