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How hard is it to turn in a completed application?  I have gotten a couple of prospective tenants that just can't get it together and return a complete application with references and employment history.  

It's taken one almost a week and I still don't have all the information I need.  I gave them a form and I sent them a link for the credit check. 

They want to give their current landlord notice by Wednesday!

How long does it typically take for prospective tenants to turn in all the info they need on an application?

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In my experience, some never get you all the information.  Lots of tenants don't pay attention to detail and forget to fill out everything.  Some do it on purpose (they don't want you to talk to that landlord, or see that they got fired from that job).  Others are just inattentive.  To illustrate, I have several apps in hand:
App 1:  Only gave me 5 yrs of addresses (we ask for 10), gave me one week's check stub (we ask for a month's).
App 2:  Again, only 5 yrs of addresses (and they don't match the court's info), and 2 weeks of stubs.
App 3:  "Forgot" to give me addresses from 2012 and 2013, and gave me bank statements rather than check stubs.  Didn't mark the payroll on the bank statements so I have to read through 6 pages of debit card charges to find them.
App 4:  Gave me 3 yrs of addresses, but provided a month of check stubs.
App 5:  10 years of addresses and one month of check stubs.  (Ding, ding, ding.  Winner!!!)
App 6:  Address for one year and no check stubs.
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