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I was renting a room for the past month & a half. Im on disability therefore I only get x amnt per month (under $800), so Im already left next to nothing after I pay rent. Well, I just had surgery so I was homebound throughout my tenancy. Then half way into my 2nd paid month, my landlady blindsides me with accusations that, according to her unemployed, alcoholic husband, I gave him a joint of Marijuana. She had found it in his pocket & he immediately (& very easily) blamed it on me, come to find out she had already BEEN seeking to evict me because of her JEALOUSY! Ugh! Thinking we we're all adults here, I told her no twice that I did not give it him & figured I move on w my day, but was blindsided again by her demanding I either admit that I gave it to him or she was gonna call the cops right then. Well, Im currently on informal probation (unbeknownst to her) & cannot have police contact, so I had no choice but to admit it (w no one else around) just so she wouldnt immediately call them & ruin the rest of my life over this NON-sense! Mind u, Im on round the clock pain meds, so u can imagine just how bad that wouldve especially been for me... eesh! So a few min later, she hands... no, she THRUSTS a 3-day eviction notice at me that states "Terms of violating agreement: DUE TO DRUG INVOLVEMENT & FOUND PROOF OF EVIDENCE (TUBE CONTAINING MARIJUANA)" Altho, this was obviously BS, I realized she was, in fact, seeking to evict me... she even called my mother about it (like I was minor) & angrily stated "I finally found my evidence...! Blah blah blah"... I had no choice but move out the very next day & right back to Mom's for like the umpteenth time in 6 months (over craziness similar to this). And she stiiiiillll cont. to threaten me, thru text, stating that her "attorney advised her" she can file a report, press charges, file a restraining order (of course, after I informed her my rights to be present during inspection since she was obviously trying to keep my deposit as well), aaaaand report me to social security for MYYYY alledly possessing drugs. I had to finally tell her to stop texting me cuz it was harrassment. Finally, she advised me of her final text, asking me for my parents' address to mail me my deposit. But I let her know I wasnt comfortable w that after her repeated threats. She stopped texting & the next day I did text her w a safe plan for me to retrieve the last of everything frm her & her house but..... no response. And none, still. I dont know what to do now. I need that deposit, mail I really need, & half my wardrobe that I lent to another tenant who went on 2 wk-vacation. But Im afraid to even contact her again, I cant contact authorities, plus Im just in fear alone right now of what she may be trying to "gather" herself during this time of "silence" to rightously ruin me JUST CUZ SHE HATES ME SO MUCH!! Aaargh!!
Sorry for the long story, but it needed to be understood for what it truly is, before giving any comments or suggestions. But WHAT do I do now??

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