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Hello all, hope I can find some answers here!

So here's my story. I was renting out a house I moved out of. I'm not a business, just a guy that was renting out his home due to being unable to sell it. However, I was finally able to sell the home this past August and up until yesterday, I thought my stress of being a LL was far behind me.

Before she had to move out, I had sent the tenant half of the security deposit to help her pay for a new place. The remaining balance was about 350. She owed 233 for a water bill that we had to pay in order for the house to be closed on. That left about 112 over. I charged her that for a repair I had to do on a small section of flooring.

Now here is where the threat comes in. Over the winter, we had to repair the shower in the bathroom. However, the repair was started but couldn't be completed right away due to a family issue. I was in contact with her about this and asked her to just take baths until the wall was repaired. The bathroom was repaired. She's claiming she has pictures of mold and "will make some calls" now that she's not getting any money back. Essentially I'm being blackmailed. Thing is she never complained to the health dept or made calls to have it inspected. I'm sure there was mold, but I don't know how worse it became due to her taking showers and adding more fuel to the fire so to speak.

So my questions are:
Can she really do anything to me over that?
Can I charger her for labor in addition to supplies for the repair I did to the floor?

In reality, she's actually in the negative in my opinion.

I really did try to be decent to her. I never charged her a late fee despite her paying her rent late every single month except for one.

I also allowed her to keep whatever money she got for selling the stove we had in there too. I figured it was a bone to throw at her given the inconvenience the bathroom situation caused her.

I'm no saint of course, but I can't feel more than upset getting extorted after the good I did do for her.

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Anybody can sue for anything. The question is; Can she win?

I am in CA. Every state is different. In my state, you must provide an accounting and a refund of any monies owed within 21 days. If you miss this date, you cannot keep any of it.

In CA, you cannot charge for your own labor, only parts and supplies. If you hired a contractor, you can charge for his labor.

Loss of use of the shower and mold issues are very subjective. Can she prove actual damages? Probably not. Would someone hire an attorney for this? Not very likely.

Lots of people make threats. Very few of them actually follow through.

Good luck.
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