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We purchased our first town home we are going to rent out. It's new and doesn't have a washer/dryer or fridge. We are aiming to rent to military families. Friends are strongly urging us not to buy a washer/dryer or fridge, saying that the tenets will be able to provide their own. This doesn't make much sense to us and I think it would detract potential tenants?


We are located in Alaska and it's just so much harder for shipping heavier items. I know the military will do this for free but I still don't see how many military families locate to Alaska with all of their furniture. Do you think it's better or not to provide those things. Any input would be most appreciated! Thanks


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When I've had rentals without a refrigerator, I usually show the apartment without the appliance, then offer the tenant a choice.

If they have a fridge, they're welcome to bring it in and take it with them when they leave.

If they don't have one, I will supply a basic model (nothing fancy). We have a clause in the lease that makes the tenant responsible for the cost of repairing appliances but seldom enforce it (only in cases of neglect or abuse).

Personally, I would rather supply the appliances because moving big items in and out can be hard on the floors (and walls and halls and doors and anything else they can scrape against).

And sometimes tenants don't want to take them when they move out (or are evicted), leaving me to dispose of them if they are no longer working.

Our current building does not have or allow laundry equipment but in our previous rentals, we supplied the washer and dryer.

I worked for a Maytag distributer long ago and I would only buy Maytag top load washer (expensive but it is absolutely the easiest to fix; I have done so many times). Most brands of dryer are about the same inside.

Tenants (and homeowners) nearly always overload washers and dryers. Consider a service contract if you are going to be responsible for repairs.  

Good Luck!

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Some long established military families have their own appliances that they have the military transport to their new home for them.  I already had the appliances in a house when I last rented to a family like this and ended up having to remove my appliances for them.  I'd do as CitizenKane suggests.  Show it without and just let them know that the appliances can be provided if needed.  You may not need to. 

I don't get service contracts for appliances (nor do I buy them new for a rental!), but I do have a good appliance repairman.  My repairs costs average only $65 a call and the business will give me free loaner appliances for a tenant if they have to wait for parts on appliances I've bought from them.  (Which I consider a great deal!)  They even transport all the appliances to and from the rentals for me.  Great time saver for me.

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I supply stove/fridge.  It keeps down the damages caused by moving them in and out, and usually helps to snag tenants who don't have their own and can't afford them along with deposit, 1st month, etc.  At $100-$150 each, they pay for themselves in the long run.

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If you haven't purchased the appliances don't. When you show the property if you like the tenants let them know that if they don't have their own appliances then you will supply them. This way no money spent until deal is closed and no leads lost.

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