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Hi, we are renting an apartment with a double garage underneath.  We told the renter they could use half of the garage and we use the other half.  We do mention in the lease agreement that they can use the right hand side of the garage but this was all common curtesy really.  Anyway they put up a makeshift chicken wire to separate part and we have racking to separate the other, as her cats were coming over and messing all over!!!!  

But now we don't have access to the light switch, and I also have paint in a cupboard over on that side (plus the fuse box etc).  I have been pretty good at not needing to go over there but have had to move a rolling unit about 5 times in the year. (only when the tenant has been out too)

Anyway, I received a message saying that something had fallen and had broken and I am not to go over there without written notice etc etc.  I know nothing of this but am amazed a family heirloom would be stacked up against my rolling racking in a garage but anyway the tenant does pay the electricity over at the apartment too so I guess that is an added issue.

My question is, can they demand that I cannot go on that side of the garage?  The tenancy is for the apartment and we let them use the right hand side of our shared garage as a curtesy.  (For a car and extra stuff)

The contract is up in 3 months so wonder if I should just wait it out and threaten to write, use of the garage, out of the next contract if the tenant is going to be ridiculous and assign an outdoor parking space only.  Plus I can offer a $1 every time I need to use the light??

Anyone had this issue?

Tenant also installed a camera to check we are not going over there and its pointed into my half which surely is a violation of my privacy.  The very weird thing is I use a torch or lantern so I don't need to go over there much but all this has stemmed from me asking them to bag up trash properly as sick of maggots, remove junk from grounds and standing water from old barrels because of mosquitos etc.


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Personally, I'd just wait it out. Stay out of that side for the next 3 months. In a month (2 months before the lease ends) issue notice that the garage will no longer be included with the unit and they will be assigned a designated outside parking space. Then follow though. Too many issues and drama. Just get them out of the garage & lock it. If the garage electric is from their unit, either compensate them for it, or have it rewired on a separate meter or to your side so they don't shut it off.

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Agreed. Don't stir things up now, but whenever it is required, notify them of a new lease and point out that access to the garage is now completely prohibited. If they don't want to be adults, they don't get the privilege at all. 
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