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We are trying to take back a rental unit. The tenant has been there for about 3 years. Original lease agreement is over and we are on a month to month lease now. We gave the tenant a verbal notice while collecting rent for this month. We even offered them two weeks of rent free stay to allow ample time to find a place to move. The next day, they came back to us with a Maine's Bed Bug Law notice.

I am getting ready for the eviction process but I'm afraid the tenant is using this to claim Landlord retaliation when it is actually the other way around.

Looks like i will be having issues with eviction. Any advise on the proper steps to proceed with eviction on my situation will be appreciated!


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just had same problem with tenant I was evicting...Judger saw through it.
also if thy were there that long w/o bedbugs, how can they say it is your fault.
if they put their claim in writing  save it (date).... hope you have a copy of your notice.
also hire exterminator to exam and treat.   Bill tenant on damages claim

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Agree with previous post. Never do anything without writing. Document it now, for what it's worth. You may want to consult an attorney to see what the safest way to move forward is so you don't shoot yourself in the foot again.

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Thanks for the response guys.

Update: Went to the unit to inspect the furniture. No signs of a bed bug infestation. Tenant shows me the bites on their body. I took pictures of them and agreed to contact a Pest Control company to inspect. Handed him a 60-day notice.


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Sounds good. Keep on going!

Nothing of substance to add, but I thought this was interesting. When my friend had her place checked for bed bugs, the pest control guy came with a specially-trained dog who would point if he found an infestation. (He didn't in that case.) Just thought that was cool. 

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