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I am a new landlord, so am not familiar with alot of things.  I rented my house to a couple three days ago.  They are definately what they appeared to be in the beginning.  They are very demanding and disrespectful to the point where neighbors have already complained abou them.  They are not only disrespectful to the neighbors, they are to me as well.  They are actually behaving as if my house is their house.  The contract that was signed is for 1 year.  Is there any way I can get out of the contract before the year, seeing as how they just moved in.
Any advice is welcomed.

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How are they being disrespectfull? Is it throwing trash in the yard/noise late at night? If it can be deemed a safety issue  a health issue, or some thing else listed in the lease that they are not complying with, then note this to them in writing is probably the best as well if you can record the conversation the better. If they still don't comply then you can probably give them a 30 day notice. But check up on your state laws and check your local library for your states Landlord Tenant Laws book, it is a very good start legal info wise.

note though if it isn't a vilation of the lease or state ode/law, then you might want to grin and bear it especially if they are paying on time and aren't doing any damage to the place..Or at the very least let them know nicely that you are their landlord and your running a buissnes(however small doesn't matter), and  you deserve respect as long as you try to give it. If they get nasty/upitty with you, let them know you can make their stay there very uncomftorable..

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This is one of the downsides to a lease.  It is hard to terminate over what we call the "gray" areas (things that are not black or white).  But demanding and disrespectful have to go.  Demanding -as in asking for things to be done constantly?  Tell them except for emergencies, all repair requests must be made in writing.  Make repairs to the important items, tell them no on any cosmetic item.  You do not have to fix every little thing in a unit.  As long as it doesn't become a habitability problem, just say no (not at this time). 

How are they disrespectful?  Cursing?  Violating the peaceful enjoyment of the neighbors?  Let them know in writing that they are violating the lease by denying the peaceful enjoyment of all the other tenants and neighbors.  Do this in writing.  Tell them they must stop.  Tell the neighbors to call the police if they do it again.  (The police report will serve as evidence in court against them.)

Many cities have a nuisance law.  If a tenant has 3 police/health dept. calls to their unit, they receive a hefty fine and the LL receives a letter.  Check to see if your city has a law such as this.

As for behaving as if it is their house, technically it is.  As long as they stay within the limits of the law and your lease.

There are ways to cancel a lease.  Violations of the lease are one way.  Read what your lease and your rules state.  Are they violating a section of them?  Violating the law is another.  Read your state's requirements under Landlord-tenant law, specifically obligations of a tenant.  You did not post your state on your profile, so I can't quote specifics.  Some states will allow you to give a quit or cure notice for some violations, others force you to give a notice of written violation and allow the tenant 30 days to cure the violation, still others allow you to give a 3 day unconditional quit notice based on certain violations.

Lastly, did you screen (check) these tenants well before you rented to them?  Check their criminal backgrounds?  See what their last 2 LLs had to say about them?  Screening will eliminate many of these problems.  Former LLs are usually pretty honest about what type of tenants they were.  Always screen well before signing.  It may take you a while to get rid of these tenants.  Start a log of all their demands, their disrespectful remarks, etc.  Dates, times, places, what was said. etc.  Start building up the evidence as you may need it to get rid of these people.  Good luck.
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