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Have a strange question, have a nephew who has been practically living with his girlfriend for the past few months, so they decided to take the plunge and move in together.So he gives up his apartment, moves all his things to her house which she owns, yadayadayada, they have a fight she tells him to get out and get all his stuff out.he now has no apartment no where to go on such a short notice. does he have ant tenancy rights? the agreement was verbal.does she have to give him sometime to remove his belongings?


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Depends on how long he has lived there.  If a couple of weeks, probably not.  If he's been there long enough to establish residency, he may have rights.  Residency varies per state.  Many states say it is established after 30 days in a place, when mail delivery has been established, after utilities are placed in his name, or after some other form of written proof is available to show he lives there.  Once established, she has to give him the same amt of notice as a m2m tenant to vacate the apt.  If he doesn't leave within that period, she can them file eviction to have him removed.

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