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I rent to a lesbian couple who seemed so nice.

Since their renting  I've done nothing but try to be considerate and helpful to them.

I bought them beautiful wooden shades.  I allowed them to have a cat and dog.  I told them if my tv is too loud to let me know.  A tree was brushing up against the rain catcher right under their bedroom making a horrible noise. This was during the winter with the wind.  I felt very badly for them and worried about their sleep. So as quickly as I could I got them trimmed so they wouldn't be bothered.

So anyways, I have this interaction...all by text.  I was keeping her and another tenants in the know about me redoing the steps to their apartment.

So after texting them day she gets very snippy and rude with me and says "I am at work, I got in trouble, text only in emergency". She said more than that.

I was like "Ok but you should have told me instead of getting angry with me". now I am keeping my distance to protect my feelings because I don't trust them now.  Not going to kick them out or anything like that...just keep them at a distance.

I am thinking I never want to text her again if I can help it.  Her response, which was more than I wrote above, was just so not nice.  So I want to avoid it.

I am thinking when repairs are needed to just give her the name of my plumber, in a note on her door, and to have her call him and make arrangements.

Do you think it's OK?  I want to avoid texting/calling this woman if I can because honestly I am traumatized. 

This hurt more than other tenants because they seemed to be the nicest of them all...but it turns out they are secretly rude and disrespectful.  And no appreciation for the extra lengths I've done for them. And yes, their rent is lower than market.


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Hi! But what specifically mean has she said to you that has hurt you so? She might have really had problems on her work... and that very moment asked to text her only in the emergency because she was engaged with some serious stuff to resolve. Texting does never give the whole impression of the communicative process. That's why smileys have been invented. Still, don't take it to heart - you're renting out, they're renting from you - that's the relationship between you. You don't have to be friends, when there's money. But an amicable attitude is surely preferred. Just wait for their interaction attempt and see, of there's still a problem. Talking face to face is always better.

P.s. just in case you have more property to rent out - list it on our website

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Hi thanks.  I am not trying to be friends per se...just trying to have a harmonious relationship.

I live on the premises and so it's important to me.

Good was worked out. We have clarity now and things are fine.

And I am glad I sought clarity...not to be friends with them...but just to have a positive relationship.
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