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What are the requirements for handicap parking? We have a tenant with a placard and some parking issues have developed. I just want to make sure we're not doing the wrong thing here.

The building has stores downstairs and apartments upstairs. Generally, the apartments are given priority to the spots along the building (one per apartment, none designated to the stores). However, sometimes they are full and the residential tenants have to park elsewhere (as little as the other side of the parking lot, so two spots away). One apartment tenant is handicapped and doesn't always have a spot. He has left notes at the stores claiming someone is in "his" spot, even though none of them are reserved that way (the spots along the building are for tenants with the residential tenants having priority). He can walk, but you can see it isn't a normal/natural walk, but he can walk around. We have not stepped in and said anything, partly because someone is going to be ticked off and all previous tenants have managed to act like adults and accept the parking the way it is since they know going in what it's like. 

He has a handicap placard, but doesn't NEED handicap parking. The store owners don't have handicap placards, but are old and not exactly mobile. 

Any thoughts?


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That's a good question.  A quick Google search looks like it's complicated because it's covered by the ADA and FHA.

Here's a good article that talks about both laws and how to apply them.

Can you assign one spot per unit?  Create one or two ADA compliant parking spots for the residents so you can avoid others parking there? Add it to the leases so there is no confusion and enforce it with a local towing company.  Would that work?

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That's the problem, there are four spots for eight units, so if we start reserving spots then some people are going to be very upset. The fair thing to do would be to reserve them for the residential units, but the merchants have been there longer and are also old and it is reasonable that they have close parking. The other parking is all very close, but everyone is used to at least sometimes parking right at the building. 

Half the problem is people being stubborn and wanting to have the best spot. They are all good tenants (at least good enough to want to keep), but the limitations of these four spots just make it complicated.

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Wait.  There's a parking lot with these properties?  If so, no problem.  Designate one or two spots at the ends for the handicapped.  Anyone handicapped can park there.  Make sure you comply with egress requirements for that spot (that's why you may want it on the ends).  You have to leave a large space for those with mobility issues.  See the code for this.  Designate one spot in the lot for each tenant.  Leave the remainder of spots beside the building up for grabs.  Tenants are guaranteed a spot to park.  Just not necessarily the closest one.

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There are only four spots along the building. The rest are scattered (one lost that is used by multiple buildings and the whole area really, another is part of one of our other properties (a little further away), etc.). 
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