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My last tenant put down no rugs on the hardwood floors in the apartment and would complain about noise.  The building is old and the apartment is wall to wall hardwood except the kitchen and bathroom.  She would also complain about noises coming from the basement as the boilers would fire up.  She complained that her first floor apartment sounded like a gymnasium, shocking right?  The only thing I ever saw was a bathmat [confused]

Anyway, I have read that in NYC the many leases require that 80% of hardwood floors be covered by area rugs to help with noise abatement.  I'm thinking of adding some rules like this to the next lease before we find a tenant.  Maybe not 80% but add some text around protecting the hardwood floors with area rugs around area of high traffic or something.  Has anyone done something like this outside of NYC?

FYI.  I would never put down a wall to wall carpet in this apartment.  It would look like crap and really take away from the hardwood and old wood moldings in the apartment.

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If you are concerned about wear and tear on the floor, make it a rule. If you are just worried about the next tenant complaining about noise caused by walking on wood floors, I would just tell them to put a rug down.

We have a number of units with old, creaky wood floors. No one has complained. If anything, they like the character and it helps them rent a lot faster. Most are smart enough to know that creaky wood floors are creaky. It's something that should be obvious in a showing and they can decide then if it is a bother to them.
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